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Operation Management Services


Small-scale refined chemical is one of the core business of the Company, striving to be "The World's Leading Energy and Chemical Company". Taking coking as the starting point, the Company adopted a vertically integrated production chain, and formed three refined chemical industry chain including carbon material industry chain, aromatic chemical industry chain and alcohol-ether chemicals industry chain.

We have seven carbon material chemical production lines, five alcohol-ether chemical production lines and six aromatic chemical production lines. In addition, CNC Risun Coking, our joint venture, has four coke and coking chemical production lines one alcohol-ether chemical production line in our Xingtai Production Base. Jinniu Risun Chemicals, our associate, has one alcohol-ether chemical production line in our Xingtai Production Base. Cabot Risun Chemicals, our associate, has one carbon material chemical production line in our Xingtai Production Base.

We strengthen technological innovation and management innovation, from basic chemicals production to high-end chemicals, focusing on the development on the new materials and new energy.

The Bohai Rim Area is the major area in China where chemical industry businesses are located. It helps our company to source raw materials and the sales of our refined chemical products.

The company have maintained close and long-term relationships with major customers and suppliers, forming a stable sales network and raw material supply channels covering most provinces in the country. Aiming to keep abreast of the latest business operations and production status of customers, grasping market trends and reducing operation risks. In order to identify the sales network in Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, we established sales offices in Rizhao Port and Dongjiakou Port, and established a branch in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Our four production bases are closely situated to national railway networks, highways and major ports in northern China, providing low-cost transportation for domestic and foreign customers.



Phthalic anhydride

Coking crude benzene

Anthracene oil


Industrial naphthalene




Coal tar


Carbon black oil
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